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Water Damage Help Is Here

Ruidoso And Alto N.M.

“Commercial and Residential Water Extraction and Drying Services”

Follow these 8 steps immediately.

1. If it is safe and possible, stop the flow of water. If it is coming from the walls or an unknown source, then turn off the water supply to the entire household and Call CLC Extreme Clean Carpet Cleaning 24 hours at 575-937-4385 As soon as possible. The longer the water lingers the more damage it does. Don’t wait even a second to make the call.

2. If safe and possible, turn off the electricity to effected areas.

3. Remove any valuables that may be in danger of water damage. You want to remove any furniture as soon as possible to avoid damage to the furniture and avoid damage to the flooring from rust and furniture stain. If the items can’t be removed, try putting wax paper, plastic wrap, unfinished wood blocks, Tupperware, or tin foil under the legs.

4. Try to mop up and wipe down any hard surfaces that have water on them.

5. Call your Insurance Company or the Landlord if you are a renter.

6. If possible open any windows and doors near affected areas to allow the Ruidoso air in and the humid air out.

7. Do not walk on the carpet any more than you have to.

8. Most importantly stay safe. If you fear that there may be electricity present in the wet areas don’t go near them. If the water is contaminated, don’t go near it. Just make the call. 575-937-4385

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Written by Cody Charlson